Auto Repair and Tire Service in Gallup, NM

We are A-J Tires & Auto Center Tire Pros!!

A-J Tires & Auto Center Tire Pros & Auto is a company convened in the spirit of quick service at a great price. Our mission is to provide the best possible service and expertise in the areas of: Tires, both new and used, Custom Wheels, OEM Wheels, Used Wheels, Vehicle Alignment, Suspension maintenance and repair, Braking Systems maintenance and repair and Vehicle Drivetrain maintenance and repair.

A-J Tires & Auto Center Tire Pros will achieve its goals through extensive training of its employees, exhaustive hiring practices, constant monitoring of market pricing to stay competitive so our customer save and an unwavering commitment to keeping its facilities as modern as possible.

Our motto is “Serving Customers Driving Any Road” from the trails of Baja and the high banks of Lemans to Main Street and the back roads of small town America; we are here to offer our customer the best for them and their budget.

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